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Japanese Tea Pot

Introducing a Tokoname-yaki teapot created in collaboration with Jinsui, a pottery that has been in operation for nearly 100 years in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture.

The enjoy of aging

Traditional crafts that Japan is proud of

Tokoname-yaki ware is a type of pottery that has been produced since ancient times in Tokoname City, located in the southwestern part of Aichi Prefecture, near the center of the Chita Peninsula that separates Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay.
It is a famous traditional craft that is said to be ''Tokoname-yaki ware when you think of a teapot.''

The vermilion clay (soil containing iron oxide) from the Chitan Peninsula has the property of not absorbing water, and its high water resistance is said to be ideal for making teapots.
The more you take care of it and use it, the more glossy the surface becomes, and the more you enjoy the aging.


Mellow Taste

-Mellow taste without odd flavor-

Tea brewed in a Tokoname-yaki teapot is said to be delicious because the iron oxide contained in the teapot reacts with the tannins in the tea, creating a mellow taste with just the right amount of bitterness and astringency.
By carefully rubbing the teapot body and lid together one by one by hand, the lid closes 
perfectly and creates a high airtightness, allowing the tea leaves to steam properly.


Ceramesh Filter
-Integrated tea strainer to enjoy the flavor of tea-

A type of tea strainer with many tiny holes in the main body(Ceramesh Filter)is used.

Unlike metal tea strainers, there is no metallic odor or unpleasant taste, and the tea
You can enjoy the original taste.

No Glazed
- Natural color without using glaze -

The earth's natural color is utilized without the use of glazes, creating a simple and flavorful warm color that blends in with our daily lives.
Black is smoked slowly and slowly at low temperatures to give it its color.

Product Features


Careful design

Straight shape like a European tea pot. Jumping of the tea leaves often occurs, resulting in a flavorful tea.

Every detail has been designed with the user in mind, such as the handle at an angle that makes it easy to pour, and the spout that makes it easy to aim even with teacups and small cups.


Tips to prevent tea leaves from overflowing


The unique opening design that is visible when you open the lid prevents tea leaves from overflowing even if you tilt the teapot too far when pouring.

Both Japanese and Western

It can be used not only for Japanese tea such as Sencha and Hojicha, but also as a pot for brewing black tea.


Product Features


Standard and timeless style

The body, handle, lid knob, etc. all have a rounded and cute appearance.

The Yokote type with a handle on the side is the most standard style of teapot for Japanese tea.


until the last drop

The handle on the side gives it a sense of stability and allows you to pour while holding the lid with one hand, making it easy to pour into multiple teacups.

Ideal for pouring to the last drop.

サイズ/ 約9×16.5×高さ11.5cm
容量/ 約330ml
材質/ 陶器
原産国/ 日本

サイズ/ 約12×15×高さ10cm
容量/ 約260ml
材質/ 陶器
原産国/ 日本