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Designing a freshly ground

Designing a freshly ground

Coffee Grinder

A manual cylindrical coffee grinder with a matte black color gives a mens-like impression.


This slim, cylindrical coffee grinder is easy to carry and is a popular café item for those who "want to brew authentic coffee with special tools even outdoors.

This coffee grinder is a new addition to the Rokusan series.


Savor the best cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, even the time it takes to grind the beans.

Freshly ground in your own style.

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Put the beans in the main body, put the lid on, and turn the handle clockwise to grind at your desired speed.

When the sound of grinding the beans stops, remove the ground powder from the container, drip it, and you are done.

“Best moment” ever



Your own personal "specialties".

The grain size can be adjusted by turning the coarseness adjustment screw.

Adjust the coarseness to your preference.
and find the grain size that suits you best.


Double bearings allow smooth rotation of the handle for smooth grinding with light force. The handle can be turned at a constant speed with little shaking.
The sleek matte black form fits comfortably in your hand and enhances your coffee time.


That makes you love it.

Product Features


Stainless steel blade

Compared to ceramic blades, the sharpness is better, making it easier to grind beans. There is no catching sensation while grinding, and the beans can be ground without stress.


It can stand on its own with the handle attached, as well as grind smoothly with little force when hand-held (not holding the main unit against a desk or stand).

Focus on deliciousness

Conical type rotating blade that enhances the taste Grinds coffee to an even particle size.The less fine particles are produced, the less the coffee tastes and tastier coffee.

Blades can be disassembled and washed in water. *Brush not included.
Basically, you can remove coffee grounds with a soft brush or bristle brush, and wash the container (powder receptacle) and the inner blade with water only if you are worried about dirt.

Easy to clean


For the GIFT

Not only the grinder itself, but also the packaging has been carefully selected. It comes with a meticulously designed cosmetic box and a convenient flannel pouch for carrying it around.


Size / approx. W24 x H13 cm, bottom Φ13 cm
Material / Main body / lid / handle / spout: 18-8 stainless steel, bottom: 18-0 stainless steel Capacity / approx. 900 ml
Country of origin / Japan