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You will love with 

every single drop.

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A stainless steel coffee drip pot with a matte black paint. As it is named “itteki”, this enable you to pour hot water drop by drop.





[ 63 ] ROKUSAN 公式サイト  |  生活・インテリア雑貨  | itteki

More and more people are spending more time at home and enjoying coffee with hand drip.
Not only beans and brewing method, but also utensils are one of the important factors that influence the taste.

“Itteki” is recommended for you who are very particular about coffee.



There is a method called “drip”, in which hot water is dropped and then poured finely for extraction.

 It’s a difficult extraction method that requires skill and a good drip pot, but with itteki no special technique is required. 

[ 63 ] ROKUSAN 公式サイト  |  生活・インテリア雑貨  | itteki
[ 63 ] ROKUSAN 公式サイト  |  生活・インテリア雑貨  | itteki


If the spout is thin, the hot water that comes out will also be thin. If the hot water is thick, the powder will have a “loophole” and the taste will be lost.

By pouring it finely, the hot water slowly permeates the whole powder, and the ingredients contained in the coffee can be fully extracted.

[ 63 ] ROKUSAN 公式サイト  |  生活・インテリア雑貨  | itteki

Professional Impression

Kenji Okauchi, the owner of coffee shop “CAFE FACON”
in Nakameguro and Daikanyama.
He is known as a coffee specialist.
He has supervised the coffee makers sold by Panasonic.

Kenji Okauchi



“Comparing it to the other drip pots that I’m using now, the hot water is thin and I can continue to pour it with a certain degree of fineness.

Amateurs who are not accustomed to drip often have thick water or cannot adjust the amount of hot water well, but this pot keeps almost the same amount of hot water from the beginning to the end without any special technique. This is very easy to use.

I think it works well not only for home use but also for professionals.

The lid is also solid, and it is good that even if you tilt a lot, when there is not much water inside it, the lid does not come off easily.”

Size / approx. W24 x H13 cm, bottom Φ13 cm
Material / Main body / lid / handle / spout: 18-8 stainless steel, bottom: 18-0 stainless steel Capacity / approx. 900 ml
Country of origin / Japan

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