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The directly managed stores are opened.


We have 9 directly managed stores mainly in the Kanto area, Nagano and Aichi.

While many stores are closed due to pandemic of COVID-19, our stores are all open!

According to the instructions of the mall, it is a short-time business for about an hour, but it is very grateful that we can continue to open almost as usual.

All the staff are thoroughly taking counter measures against the corona virus.

We all wear mask, sanitise with alcohol, and check each person's health when they arrive at work.

It's all very basic, but it may be the most important thing not to neglect the basics.

When we see our customer's happy faces when they find their favorite thing.

This is the most happiest moment of all.

However, those happy faces can’t be seen because of the mask.

We are looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible without a mask!

All customers are required to wear a mask. Customers without any mask are not allowed to enter the store.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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