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Introducing our new product "Rokusan Aluminum Skillet".

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Following the aluminum bowl, aluminum skillet has joined the Rokusan outdoor series.The pot-shaped skillet with handles on both sides is great for outdoor.

ロクサン アウトドアーシリーズ「アルミスキレット」
"63"Rokusun Outdoor Series「Aluminum Skillet」

Durable and easy to carry, it is useful in outdoor situations.

Not only can be used over direct heat and gas stoves, but also in the oven as well.

You can cook sweet like pancake and cook dishes. It could be used widely.

*IH and microwave ovens cannot be used.

Oxalic acid alumite processing is applied to protect the surface to make up for the drawbacks of aluminum such as being easily scratched and requires high-maintenance.

The part on which the ingredients are placed is processed with fluororesin, which is used for frying pans, etc., making it difficult for the ingredients to stick.

*There may be small scratches on the surface, but it is not a defective product.

It can be stored by hooking it on a hook.

63 logo and Made in Japan letters on the back.

Please note that the dishwasher cannot be used

The back of the paper strip is an instruction manual, so please do not throw it away.


Left: 16 cm ¥ 2,800 (excluding tax)

Size / approx. 22.3 (including handle) x height 4.2 cm

Right: 18 cm ¥ 3,200 (excluding tax)

Size / approx. 24.1 (including handle) x height 4.2 cm