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New products [Dish Cloth] are now in stock.

Introducing the new "Roxanne Dish Cloth" product.

This dishcloth is made in Lithuania from a blend of linen and cotton.

With excellent quick-drying and water-absorbing properties, it is suitable for wiping tables and cooking utensils, and for wiping washed dishes because it leaves no fibers with little fluff.

The taut feel of the fabric feels a little stiff at first use, but as it is washed, it gradually becomes softer and more comfortable in the hand.

It can also be used for draining washed dishes, pot holders, and pot mats.

It can be used not only around the kitchen, but also as a luncheon mat on the table, to prevent dust from getting on appliances, to blindfold sudden visitors, and in many other situations.


(From left to right) Black / Khaki / Yellow ¥990 each (tax included)

Size/ approx. 33 x 47 cm



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