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Introducing our new product "Rokusan Aluminum Bowls".

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Light and easy to handle, aluminum bowls with handles have arrived.

Since it can be put on a direct fire, it is also useful in the outdoor scene.

Available in two sizes, 10 cm (YEN1,400) and 12 cm (YEN1,600).

As a container for putting rice at the camp.

As a cooking bowl for putting chopped ingredients, use it to beat eggs, and use it to prepare dishes. It could be used in a various way.

Also, you could store it by hooking it on a hook.

63 logo and Made in Japan letters on the back.

Reliable Made in Japan.

Oxalic acid alumite processing is applied to protect the surface to make up for the drawbacks of aluminum such as being easily scratched and requires high-maintenance.

Unlike coloring such as plating, there is no worry of peeling off.

Compared to the silver-white "anodized sulfate" that is often seen in lunch boxes, "anodized oxalate" has three times the corrosion resistance.

We will continue to release products that are perfect for the outdoor scene, so don’t miss it!


10cm(¥1,400+tax) Size: approx. 10.9 cm (including handle: approx. 12 cm) x 4.3 cm (height)

12cm(¥1,600+tax) Size: approx. 12.9 cm (including handle: approx. 14 cm) x 5.1 cm (height)