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To prevent heat stroke! Get into the habit of carrying your own bottle.

Summer is in full swing! Hydration is the most important thing you can do to prevent heat stroke.

The 63 Vacuum Flask is compact and lightweight, and with its special leather holder (sold separately), it can be carried in style and is a strong ally in the hot summer months.

63vacuum flask
63vacuum flask

Recommendations for my bottle.

Much colder! Much warmer!

The 63 Vacuum Flask is made of highly functional stainless steel and has a double-layer vacuum construction, so it can maintain its drinking temperature even six hours after it has been filled. Most people fill it with cold drinks this season, but it is excellent for both keeping drinks cold and warm, so you can enjoy drinks at the best temperature all year round.

Stop using the plastic!

20 billion bottles (!) per year in Japan PET bottles are used in Japan every year. Many of these bottles are recycled, but in reality, the recycling rate of plastic bottles is low and they are either transformed into other forms or disposed of as they are, which has become a major social problem.

Take the first step towards plastic with My Bottle, which can be used repeatedly and reduces waste.

Easy on the wallet!

The drinks cost just over 100 yen a bottle, but in a month you will spend more than 3,000 yen. If you continue this for a year, that's quite a lot of money. On the other hand, if you buy your own bottle, you can save a lot of money on your annual drinks bill.

Why not start a wallet-friendly My Bottle lifestyle?

Good for the body too ◎

Some of the soft drinks on the market that we buy by accident contain more than 15 sugar cubes in a 500㎖ bottle. Even tea and coffee that you pick up because it is "lightly-sweetened" may contain more sugar, caffeine and additives than necessary. In this respect, My Bottle is gentle on the body and safe because you fill it with your own drinks.

Slim & stylish


The 63 Vacuum Flask is a stylish stainless steel bottle with a matt black body with a low gloss finish and the '63' logo printed in silver.

The image looks white, but it has a silver print.
The image looks white, but it has a silver print.
It has a compact size of Φ5.6 cm, height 18 cm, approx. 300 ml and weighs only 170 g. Its slimness makes it easy to hold in a woman's hand and it fits easily into a small bag.

Compact but functional

The stainless steel bottle has a double-layer vacuum construction, so it maintains its drinking temperature even after six hours. It also has a rounded mouthpiece compared to most stainless steel bottles, making drinks easier to drink and gentler on the palate.

It also has an ice stopper to prevent ice from coming out when drinking.

Dedicated holders for easy transport.

63 leather bottle holder (sold separately)
63 leather bottle holder (sold separately)

This season, you should remember to carry your own bottle even when you are "just going out for a while".

Even when you don't need to carry a bag, such as when walking your pet, you can carry just a drink with the 63 Leather Bottle Holder (sold separately), which can be slung over your shoulder.

The shoulder length can be adjusted from approximately 74-84 cm and is suitable for both men and women.

The bottle lid can also be opened to drink while still attached to the holder.

Engraved '63' on top of the leather.
Engraved '63' on top of the leather.

Created by artisans.

These holders are made of soft, high-quality cowhide leather and handcrafted by skilled Japanese craftsmen.

Even today, when mechanisation for mass production has become the norm, these leather holders are created by craftsmen who face the leather one by one and carefully produce them with their heart and soul. The fact that the finished product is "not exactly the same" is another attraction of leather products made by hand.

The leather straps are crossed and tacked together. The holding area is small and at first glance may appear to be inadequate, but it firmly supports the bottle.

This holder is specially designed for the 63 Vacuum Flask, but can be used for bottles with a diameter of 5.5 cm or less.

*Not all bottles will fit.

The more it is used, the softer it becomes and the more it gains texture and affection.

Various ways of holding

The leather is soft, so it can be carried diagonally or over the shoulder, tied short or attached to the handle of a bag. Also, because it is made of leather, it can be used in various situations, not only outdoors but also when walking around town or commuting to work. Carry your own bottle at all times and get through the hot summer in good health.


Item Spec

[63] Vacuum Flask.

With special box
With special box

Item no / 0718-001

LOT / 1

Size/ Ф5.6 x 18.1 cm, approx. 300 ml

Material/ Stainless steel

Cap, mouthpiece cover: Polypropylene

Packing: silicon

Country of origin/ China

code/ 4904277013854

¥2,530(include tax)

[63] Leather bottle holder (sold separately)

[63] Leather bottle holder (sold separately)
[63] Leather bottle holder (sold separately)

Item no / 0719-001

LOT / 1

Size: adjustable from approx. 74 to 84 cm

Material: Cowhide , Metal

Country of origin: Japan

code/ 4904277013861

¥4,180(include tax)


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